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Junction City Public Library

Book and Media Donations

Book and Media Donations

Thank you for your interest in donating to the Junction City Public Library. We accept Books, DVDs, Audiobooks, Craft Supplies, Games/Puzzles, Magazines, local Newspapers, local Year Books.

Donations of materials are reviewed using the same criteria as purchases. The JCP Library will determine how to best incorporate such materials into the existing collections. Duplications may be used to replace out current books. Materials not added to library collections may be used for Friends of the JCP Library book sales. The proceeds from these sales shall be to the benefit of the library. The library reserves the right to dispose of any donations that are given to the library that do not fit our collection needs or fit quality parameters.

The JCP Library welcomes inquiries about donations of library materials but cannot accept everything. Please remember we have limited staff and space to handle donations.

Items selected for the library collection will need to be in new or near new condition:

  • Wear: No tears, no writing or highlighting, no mold/foxing, need dust jackets if applicable, no ex-library copies.
  • Recent: Fiction should be written within the last 15 years (2009+), unless they are among the following list . Non-fiction items should be published within the last eight years (2016+). We take all children’s picture books regardless of age.
  • No textbooks: These are usually too specialized for public libraries and often are out of date.
  • No encyclopedias/dictionaries: They’re out of date.
  • No large magazine collections: We cannot take a decade of National Geographics.
  • No large coffee table books: we do not have a readership for these.
  • Personal dedications: If a book is only signed with an author’s name that is acceptable. If there is a whole dedication and your name (especially across the title page) we cannot take it.
  • Foreign languages: We accept bi-lingual books and books in Spanish.
  • Craft supplies: Must be separated out/organized, please do not bring a box of random supplies mixed together. Supplies must not be in used condition. Please do not include toys.
  • Games/Puzzles: Items must have all pieces and come in the original box, instructions are welcome, but okay if missing. We do not take puzzles over 1500 pieces. We take games/puzzles for both youth and adults.

Items selected for the Friends of the JCP Library sales can be in good used condition:

  • Not older than 20 years (2004+), and in relatively good condition. May include duplicate new or used books, and former library copies.
  • During times of upcoming book sales, we are more flexible in what we can accept.

Prepping donation items:

  • If items have been in a garage, attic, basement, or shed, they must be free of mold, insects, cob webs, musty smells, and discoloration.
  • Please dust off books coming from bookcases.
  • Remove or cross out personal identifying information (name and contact info).
  • Thumb through books/boxes to make sure you have not left anything inside you do not wish to donate.

Donation inquiries:

When contacting us about donating materials, please have the following information available:

  • Please be as specific about what you’d like to donate. (Books, DVDs, Audiobooks, Craft Supplies, Games/Puzzles, Magazines, Newspapers, local Year Books etc.)
  • Condition(s) of Donated Material
  • Quantity (how many items or boxes/bags)
  • Authors/Publishers looking to donate a copy of their book, contact the library directly by phone or email.