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Junction City Public Library

Getting a Junction City Library Card

Getting a library card

Library cards give you access to checkout books, audiobooks, DVD’s, magazines, and other materials from the JCP Library and its seven partner libraries. Having a card also gives you access to our digital e-books, audiobooks, magazines, and online databases. Both a current photo identification and proof of current address are required to get a library card. All library cards renew annually.


City Residents

Junction City’s municipal taxes offset the cost of a library card for all city residents or anyone renting or owning residential or business property inside the Junction City limits. If you are a city resident or business owner, then your library card is available at no cost.



Some Junction City addresses are not technically within the city limits but in unincorporated Junction City. See the example below to determine if you are a resident. Non-resident patrons are able to get a card for an additional fee. For those not residing in the city limits the annual fee is:

  • $50.00 Family Card – full year
  • $25.00 Family Card – 6 months
  • $40.00 Senior 60+ Card - full year
  • $20.00 Senior 60+ Card – 6 months


Am I A Resident?

For example, if you or a landlord pays for city water/sewer services, most likely you are within city limits. If you are on well water, you may be outside the city’s taxable boundary. Library staff will assess if you are a resident or not. Please note, fees paid to the Lane County School District or Junction City Rural Fire Protection District are county fees and not city services.



Minors ages 5-17 may get a library card but require a parent or legal guardian’s signature. A parent/guardian will need to show photo ID, current proof of address, and is the responsible party for any fines, fees, and return of materials on the youth’s account.


Summer Reading Program

During the summer months when school is out (late June to the end of August), to encourage reading, JCPL offers a free 'Summer Reading Program Only' Library Card to non-resident students. Summer Reading Cards are available for students ages 5-17 who live in/attend school in the Junction City School District. Please bring a school ID or proof of enrollment. If you are a homeschool/charter school family, please bring proof or intent of enrollment from Lane ESD.


Financial Assistance

Limited financial assistance is available to families with children enrolled in the Lane County free school lunch program. With proof of enrollment, the Friends of the JC Library will cover the cost of $40 towards a non-resident card and the patron will be responsible for the remaining $10.


Not able to get a Library Card?

Unfortunately, we cannot issue a library card to patrons who only have a post office box mailing address, reside at a guest house/hotel/motel, or are staying at a temporary residence like a rooming house/transitional housing. Proof of a permanent address is required. For those unable to get a library card, patrons can still access library computers without charge; print and make photocopies for a fee, read books or watch DVDs within the library, and use the library wi-fi service.


Accepted Documents

Current Photo Identification

Requirements: Original ID accepted only. One of the following from any state or country:

  • Driver license
  • Government-issued ID card
  • Military ID
  • Passport


Proof of Current Address

Requirements: Residential/business address, not a P.O. Box. Original or digital copy accepted. One of the following:

  • Your name & address on a current utility bill: electric, gas, landline phone, cable, or internet
  • Your name & address on a current bank, insurance, car registration, or credit card statement
  • Your name & address on a signed original lease or rental agreement
  • Your name & address on a current property tax statement
  • Your name & address on a current pay stub
  • Current car registration